Power Thru The Clutter, LLC was established by Lydia Thomas as a result of helping friends and family through the years as they moved, downsized, reorganized or just cleaned out. Finally, it was time to create a business, broadening her ability to do what she loves best…helping people free themselves from the burden of too many possessions.

Lydia has always had a true eye for organization. When she graduated from junior college, she had been trained as an executive secretary. She set up executive offices, organized and maintained meeting and travel schedules and, prepared follow up documents for company archives. With an under graduate degree in Business Science, her organizational skills proved invaluable as she oversaw the management systems for a sales team that represented 80% of the corporation’s business. She went on to develop marketing strategies for the corporation’s largest clients.

In subsequent years, Lydia earned her Master’s Degree in Education Science specializing in Learning Disabilities. As a teacher, she helped children reach their academic potential by identifying and teaching to their learning strengths. Children with learning disabilities often need a structured environment both mentally and physically in order for them to process and remember information. Her organizational skills helped define and create these nurturing environments.

More recently, Lydia was the director of a fundraising department in a large, private not-for-profit organization in Manhattan. In order to reach budget each year, she and her department managed numerous fundraising events, many of them running concurrently to take advantage of the seasonal nature of the programs. Her organizational skills ensured that these events ran smoothly, without last minute drama and most importantly, made money!

An apartment dweller herself, she understands the precious nature of space. Constantly editing her own belongings, Lydia is always looking for items that will maximize space, be economical in price and create the best results for the need.

A long-time resident of New York City, Lydia enjoys the magnificent cultural wealth that the city provides. She is an avid hiker, enjoys cycling and cross country skiing.

But most of all…she loves to help people Power Thru The Clutter!