‘It’s all so overwhelming…’ Power Thru The Clutter, LLC will bring the task into perspective.

  1. We start with a phone conversation. Tell me what you want to accomplish — clean out a closet, reorganize a room, set up a home office space, down-size your living arrangement? What are the stumbling blocks that have prevented you from achieving your goal(s)? What is your time frame?
  2. Next, I’ll meet you for an on-site assessment of the job. The on-site assessment takes between an hour and an hour and a half and is billed at the hourly rate. We will look at spaces, what’s working, what’s not working and talk about some tips and techniques that will get you started.
  3. Once we have discussed your goals and determined what needs to be done to reach them, I will develop a time table to match. I work in four-hour blocks of time to keep the momentum but not exhaust the situation.
  4. A fee schedule is determined based upon the job. Most jobs are billed on an hourly rate. Annual retainer contracts are also an option if you would like the services of Power Thru The Clutter, LLC on an ongoing basis. Additional determining factors include, but are not limited to, travel more than an hour to and from the job site, if items need to be removed from the job site for recycling or disposal, if storage equipment needs to be purchased, etc.
  5. Then, let’s Power Thru The Clutter and get it done! We will work together to ensure your goals and expectations are achieved.
  6. A follow up phone call — after one month of clutter-free living — will be made to ensure all is going well. If additional help is needed, we can discuss what will work best.

Let Power Thru The Clutter, LLC begin the process of getting you closer to your goals. Click here to contact us and schedule an appointment.