• De-clutter and reorganize, closets and rooms
  • Find hidden storage opportunities
  • Reorganize kitchen drawers and cabinets
  • Make rooms more livable by utilizing wasted space
  • Organize book cases, shelves, cabinets
  • Reclaim garages for the cars

Time Management

  • Create realistic schedules
  • Develop timelines for large projects or events


  • Unpack from a move
  • Down-size in preparation for a move to a smaller home
  • Transform chaos into calm

Home Office

  • Set up home office spaces
  • Reorganize paper files, books, collections

Additional Services

  • Help determine the best place to send unwanted clutter (trash, charity, auction, online sales, etc.)
  • Shop for organizing tools (containers, files, etc.)
  • Reorganize, inventory off-site storage units

Have an organizing need that isn’t listed? Let me know.

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